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Cake Bite Delights

Custom Designed Cake Bites, Cake Pops and Cakes

Cake Pops

Cake Bites

Standard Cake Bite Package Options:

12 cake bites for $18 (includes 1 flavor)

30 cake bites for $40 (includes 2 flavors)

50 cake bites for $65 (includes 2 flavors)65 cake bites for $80 (includes 3 flavors)

100 cake bites for $120(includes 4 flavors)

*** Cake Bites outside of these packages will be $1.50 per cake Bite***

Cake Bite Cake

Cake Bite Cakes require a 100 cake bite minimum.

Please call or email for pricing info...

Custom Styrofoam Cake Pop Stands

We can make you a custom stand that will hold your cake pops. Stands come in 1-4 tiers depending on how many cake pops it needs to hold.

Stands start at $20

Cake Pops

Cake Pops are priced at $2.00 each

This price is for regular standard drizzle decorated pops.

Additional costs for cake pops and bites are as follows:

$0.25/bite or pop for custom color designs

$0.50/bite or pop for custom themes (i.e. basketballs, hello kitty, etc.)

Premium designed cake pops are $3.00 each

$0.25/bite or pop for individually wrapped

$0.15/bite or pop for ribbon tied on stick